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With Professional Tutor Marchie Hya Condon in Carrara, Gold Coast.


Hi, I’m Marchie!

Piano & Music Theory Teacher, Composer, Artist, Music Lover, Sound Therapist and Transformation Coach

Born and raised in Hungary and migrated to Australia as a young adult with my small family. I adore the sea, the air, the space, the climate, the lifestyle and the opportunities. I believe “every day is Christmas in Australia”. I love board games and uncontrollable laughter with loved ones.

I enjoy to bring sense of empowerment, wellness and balance to myself and others by any means, but mostly through sound. I love to daydream and ‘see’ energy behind our World. I love to share sounds that transport us to faraway, blissful places, elevate joy and restore wellness.

I am excited to create – pretty much anything. 🙂 and encourage others to do the same. For example when the weather allows, creating organic gardens, yummy foods, like soups, green smoothies and avocado chocolate desserts, artworks and quirky things. I love to frolic, laugh and make people realise how great they are – in my field especially playing the piano!

I look forward to meeting you and helping you grow your love of the piano too!

Fully Qualified, Professional Piano Tuition

Marchie is a university graduate qualified teacher in Piano, Music Theory Tuition, Aural Training. Please, note, Marchie is currently not offering AMEB Exam Preparations in 2022. This may change again in later years for those learners who reach competence at their learning level. At the time she advises parents when she thinks the pupil is ready. Those who are following her guidance usually achieve high success rate on their exams. Marchie also has a passion for Literacy, Numeracy Foundations and Special Needs Care.

Some of her Qualifications and continuous study areas:

  • BMusicStudies (Griffith University)
  • GradDipEd (Griffith University)
  • GradCertTESOL (Griffith University)
  • Licensed Yamaha (YMF) Teacher (1997)
  • Blue Card holder (2004)
  • Professional Exam Preparations (AMEB 2002)
  • Professional Member of QMTA (formerly MTAQ)
  • Prof. Biofield Tuning Health Practitioner (2016)
  • Results Coaching Certification (Authentic Education 2018)
“Blossoming your child’s confidence and creativity through playing and sound – is the greatest gift a parent can give when the right teacher is found.” – Marchie


“I have known Marchie for over ten years. At the Yamaha Music School she taught classes and conducted individual tuition. This is where she was teaching a music class to four years olds that I first became aware of her strengths. She, beside imparting her musical skills maintained a controlled atmosphere where every participant, both child and adult was satisfied with the outcome. Marchie also impressed with her individual regard for pupils above the responsibilities of her role. It is a testament to her skills that when Marchie began teaching privately, many of us sought her out and have remained with her for all of these years. Marchie has an amazing ability to interact effectively with people from 7 to 70 years old of diverse backgrounds and cultures and to make each person feel important. With patience and compassion she is able to help students discover their own strengths. She is highly recommended!” – 2010



“Marchie has a wonderful gift teaching all levels, age groups and abilities. She has been teaching my three sons and myself since 1996 starting with my eldest son in group classes at the Yamaha Music School aged 6. Today he is on his way to a career as a professional orchestral musician. Marchie taught foundations then piano, music theory, musicianship and aural practise. Over the years, Marchie changed from being his teacher to a mentor and then a friend. Marchie is endlessly and wonderfully enthusiastic and her students always come first. She will always put in extra effort to make sure that her pupils are prepared for any exams or concerts. Her music knowledge is extensive and her technical ability is very impressive. If you are looking for a piano teacher for a person of any age or ability, I recommend Marchie as an excellent instructor and mentor.” – 2009



“I have always been encouraged by the strength and commitment that Marchie has toward her music career… she treats every individual of all ages with sincerity and genuine kindness… her powers of articulation musically is envied by most and admired by others.” – 2004



“I am 13 years old and one of Marchie’s piano students. I love her as a piano teacher and I believe that she is very knowledgeable in her music and can convey that into successful teaching. I have been with several piano teachers, but Marchie is the best one by far!!! I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. She not only teaches well, but also understands that some people might have other commitments. She is encouraging to everyone and ALWAYS puts her students first. Her passion for music, especially piano is inspiring and shines throughout her teaching. If you are looking for a piano teacher, well it’s your lucky day! Marchie is the perfect piano teacher for all ages and personalities!!!” – 2017



“My daughter (14) and son (12) have learnt piano for 5 years in a music school. Being a piano player myself, I felt, they needed a change and I started looking for a new piano teacher with a fresh approach. We had many trial lessons with various teachers. (Marchie recommends this, go and shop around, listen to each teacher, what can they offer to your child and then select!) Upon meeting Marchie, I instantly knew, we found the right teacher. Marchie has a bright, positive personality, she is supportive and encouraging with many years of experience. Most notably, every time my children finished their lesson with Marchie, they felt more confident and capable in themselves. I recommend Marchie as your next piano teacher. If you want to be supported, have fun and willing to work for your progress, she will be by your side. In our digital age I also recommend music playing to children. To turn every electronic device off and for 15 minutes focus on piano practise. This is so beneficial for brain development! Thank you, Marchie. We are moving on, as my children are both pursuing sport as priority. We will miss you!” – 2018



“We have 3 daughters who have been attending Marchie’s Piano School for the past 11 years. Our girls commenced classes from the age of 5. They are now in high school and continue weekly lessons.

Marchie has a true love for piano and music and this is reflected in her gentle and encouraging teaching style. We recommend Marchie to anyone wishing to take up the piano and have recommended her over the years to family and friends.” – 2023


Enrolments 2024

Plan and set goals with me, buy in bulk, save and achieve! (See the pricing table below). Book, schedule and purchase your lessons in three easy steps:


STEP 1:  Email your booking request to wakkadoo@gmail.com  or Call / SMS Marchie on 0402 878 764Briefly describe the background of the student, age, if beginner, intermediate, if have any special needs and current aspiration. If I’m in the position to offer a spot in my limited time schedule, I’ll invite you to meet at my studio for a complimentary catchup and goal assessment that is around 1/2 hour. If we’ll find we are compatible to work together, you will receive an Enrolment Form to carefully read. Fill pages 1 and 2, that you need to return to me after depositing your $100 enrolment fee. $25 is a non refundable processing fee and $75 will go toward your fist tuition payment. This secures a lesson space for you in 2023 and after this we can then work out your best lesson time. How do you send back your filled pages 1 and 2? Easiest by taking photos with your phone and send them as an sms.

Please note that all piano lesson times are given out on a first-come, first-served basis.  Existing students will have the chance to renew their enrolled status BEFORE any unfilled spots are then given out to new students. 

STEP 2:  Best lesson time selection: As in most years, 2023 will have 4 Terms and 40 Teaching Weeks. You can choose from morning (before school) or afternoon (after school) times to enrol your child, alternately mid morning or later afternoon if you are an adult learner. This is clearly outlined on page 2 of the Enrolment Form where you filled in your possible time choices. There will be 2 days on offer this year, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Please, nominate 3 to 4 possible lesson times in order of best to least favourable on the time chart on page 2 of your enrolment form. Naturally you will only need 1 weekly lesson time. By giving me more possibilities I can “jigsaw puzzle” in everyone as close to their most preferred times as possible. Now you are ready to purchase your package size that best suits you. 

STEP 3:  Select your lesson length & package below and proceed to payment with EFT, (Electronic Funds Transfer = from bank account to bank account)Please, note, currently I do not offer pay gateways, like PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc.. or card payment options just ‘plain old bank transfer’. While it seems ‘leading edge’ to have those E-options, I prefer the simplest pay option from account to account. 

You will notice, the larger the package the more you can save.. This will favour committed families with either more than one student, or for those who’ll need longer lessons time during their advancing studies. There are 3 packages available. The smallest choice is paying by term = 10 weeks, or 2 terms or for a full year that offer the most savings.


BANK DETAILS TO DEPOSIT ALL TUITION FEES:  Marchie Hya Condon – Marchie’s Piano School, ING Bank, BSB 923 100 Account: 6469 2576                                                PAYMENT DUE DATES: Payments are due before or latest, ON the day of Lesson 1. 

Casual Lessons, Holiday Lessons & Gift Certificates
Perhaps you just want the one-off or occasional lesson? Your child is bored in the holidays and want them to have an other lesson or two? Or want to purchase a few lessons as a gift for someone? No problem!

My current holiday schedule / Availability for holiday lessons:  You can book in for holiday lessons weekly for 2 Mondays or Tuesdays: The 9th or 10th Monday and Tuesday or the 16th or 17th Monday or Tuesday, January, 2023. Please, note, the school year already starts on the 23rd of January.

Existing Students:

To secure your spot for next year, please, request your form, fill it out, return it with the attached deposit receipt by the last day of school latest, 14-15 December 2023. That is $100/registration/family, from which $25 non-refundable and $75 goes toward the 1st payment of the year whichever is your choice of lesson package.

There will be 2 teaching days offered in 2023: Tuesdays and Wednesdays only.. You can enrol your children for lessons held before or after school: 2 mornings and afternoons, between 6.45 – 8.15am or 3.00 – 6.30pm. Please, see and fill out the given/Emailed lesson scheduling sheet. For adults I will have some vacancies for regular weekly lessons during daytime, sorry not available after 6.30pm..



 Adjusted to the MINIMUM RECOMMENDED PROFESSIONAL FEES (MRPF) by the QMTA (QLD MUSIC TEACHERS ASSOCIATION). Please, see https://www.qmta.org.au/tuition/

Please, see the detailed, recently updated fees chart below.


Useful Information of School Operations

LESSON PROCEDURES/ARRIVAL:  As the teaching studio/learning space and the waiting area are all in one, please, converse with friends, acquaintances or make/receive phone calls outside of our learning space.    

Communication: Please, feel free to email me or call me during my office hours 12:00-2:00 pm on weekdays. If you need to miss a lesson, please notify me as soon as possible. Feel free to write to me at any time if there is anything relevant and important I need to know that may impact your child’s progress or to ask questions. I love hearing from you! Please, note, that during lessons my attention is on teaching, and only wish to discuss matters briefly. If you urgently need to talk to me regarding piano matters the only way you can meet me is to let me know in advance that we are using part or the whole of your next lesson time. Regarding the last lessons of the day: Please, note, I am not available to stay back beyond a couple of minutes of wrapping up, unless we arranged meeting. As The Piano Studio is also our home, after our lesson I am ready to make dinner. Thank you for your understanding! 🙂 

Answering phone: With any matters, please, only call before 3 pm. Only SMS later as I am busy teaching.

Invoices, Receipts, Late Fees:  To avoid the possibility of any additional fees, please, finalise payment before your due date.  If you are to delay payment due to unavoidable circumstances, please, notify me at the reception of your Invoice.

2024 Queensland Term Dates – with Fees Due Dates




Fees are payable in the 2 weeks window prior to each Term/Package

Term 1

Monday 22 Jan – Friday 28 March                

10 weeks

8-22 January, 2024

Term 2

Tuesday 15 April – Fri 21 June.

25 April – ANZAC Day Tuesday is normal piano day – please, let me know if you will be away to reschedule your lesson. 

10 weeks

1-15 April, 2024

Term 3

Mon 8 July – Fri 13 Sept.

Piano starts on the same day, 11 July

10 weeks

24 June-8 July, 2024

Term 4

Tues 30 Sept – Friday 13 December

11 weeks

16 Sept – 30 Sept, 2024

Please, enter your upcoming lesson and payment dates into your phone calendar as I do not usually send out lesson reminders. 

Arrival: Max 5 minutes prior to your lesson start, quietly. While everyone is encouraged to make themselves comfortable, it is important, that SHOES MUST BE OFF THE FURNITURE at all times! Kick them off, then you can snuggle. 🙂

Practising: Regular practice is imperative to learn how to play proficiently. Around 20 minutes, 4(!) days a week would be ideal for lower grades and 45mins to an hour  recommended for higher grades. More is not always better (if it lacks thoughtfulness!) but in different phases of our learning journey, for example during exam preparation, more practise is essential. Please, note! Regular ‘non-practisers’ may lose their place to someone on waitlist, who is eager to learn. To prevent this, please, do not mistake my seemingly easy-going nature by being oblivious. 🙂

Exams: I use the AMEB system.  Exams are not only NOT compulsory and I only recommend them, when the student is already proficient on the level they wish to sit, but in 2022 I myself took a break from offering it!  If you would prefer exams, please, mention it at the time of enrolling – please, note, it is requirement, that I will only agree to prepare for exam, when I deem the student ready for it. Please, note, I am unable to estimate this date. The student’s effort is essential at each lesson along with mindful home practising and progress and keeping absence minimal. Please, respect my final decision about the best timing. Yes, sometimes I will say, the grade level in question is not yet ready but this simply just means, we need to work more toward it. IF the timing is right, upon entering  an exam comes increased responsibility, accountability and workload. Please, also be aware of the temporary increase of lessons and related expenses when needed. This is unavoidable as we are to fine tune our practise toward a best performance and best results. Sorry, I do not prepare for “scraping through’.. as this is not only stressful, but you can not plan and scaffold the next, more complex grade level onto it. So, basically, anyone who does this CUTS THE STUDENT OFF FROM SITTING HIGHER EXAM LEVELS. I hope, this makes perfect sense.

Purchase of Books: I do keep some of the books for purchase, if so, I do let you know and you can buy what you need, when you need it. If I don’t have something on shelf, please, visit our local, wonderful music shop and put your order in via calling them or in person. The shop is OZWINDS, Gold Coast Brass and Woodwinds, Address: 2/25 Alicia St, Southport QLD 4215, Phone(07) 5561 1773 – KAREN AND ROB. Tell them I have sent you. 🙂 Some books that I will be trialling next year are best ordered online. 

Photographing / Videoing Lessons, Events: As I am in the process of building an online school as well, I understand that images and short videos are the way of future education. When something has much teaching or fun value, with your permission I wish to share it on an appropriate, professional platform such as on my Piano School FB page on our closed teaching groups page or on my website. Please, mention to me if that is OK with you.

Missed Lessons: As your Term Payments hold your permanent lesson space, refunds would cancel your enrolment and your space would free up for an other student to take it! Any other missed after school activities, whether it is art, swimming or dancing, –  just to name a few – are all the same. They do not provide reschedule opportunity. To be eligible for a make up lesson, please, let me know of your absence early. If you require it, 1 Lesson /Term can be arranged with me after your absence that was illness related. The times allocated for this are early evening, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 6.30-7pm. If you are not able to organise the 1 make up lesson you are eligible to have within the Term, the opportunity will expire on the last school day and no longer carries into any of the holidays. If other family emergency, school events or family vacation prevent you from attending, your early notice is still required to maintain your enrolled status and also non-refundable. 

Illness: You are asked not to attend your lesson and please, notify me asap. You are eligible for 1 reschedule/Term as it is outlined above. Students who are mildly ill can schedule a Skype or ZOOM lesson during their regular time.

Swapping System:  May it be a family emergency, medical appointments that isn’t sickness related on the day, school events, play dates, games, non-emergency appointments or family vacations that would keep you away from attending your lesson. Please provide 48 hour notice where possible. A buddy system between you parents, may ensure that your child’s learning progress is not compromised! When you are unable to attend in your lesson time you could  swap lessons directly between each other. Example: You have an urgent dentist appointment at 3pm and there is a long waiting list to see that doctor so you will not reschedule, but, your lesson is at 4pm – if you could swap it with the 5.30pm lesson or better, change the day, you could attend your lesson without having to cancel. Please, let me know if you would be happy to trial it. You can OPT IN or OUT any time.

My Travel Make Ups: As you know, we have ties to Europe, and while every effort is made to ‘squeeze’ our travels into school holidays I am letting you know, that I may be away for several weeks each year in which case I am ALWAYS offering to make those lessons up before leaving or after my return or by then via my online piano school where you will be able to see recorded lessons that is relevant to your personal learning. That way the kids don’t miss out, the progress continues.

Changing Lesson Time During The Year:  Circumstances, afternoon activities, work etc can change, I understand. Sometimes it takes much shuffling and can be time consuming to deliver what you require. In the case of requesting to change lesson time during the year I can not guarantee it, but we can always try. 

Discontinuing Piano Lessons: If you stop your tuition for any reason, your fees needs to be paid for all of your lessons that you are finishing off.   

  • 1 month minimum notice is required to be eligible for refund if applicable.
  • 2 weeks notice required before the term ends and lessons are paid in full.

Termination of Agreement: Regrettably, I will have to discontinue working with a student if any of these circumstances occur:

  • Repeated failure to pay tuition on time
  • Persistent absences, no-show lessons without notice are forfeit. Student will be removed from the time table without tuition reimbursement. (3 strike rule!)
  • Uncooperative, not following recommendations
  • I will follow my intuition. I intuitively seem to know when a child is ready for the best mark!
  • Lack of progress due to ongoing insufficient practise – Please, do not enrol your child to learn a musical instrument, if there will be no time to practise! Sometimes parents over extend their children’s after school activities and life becomes an unnecessary hurry and sense of futility. If your child always arrives exhausted you are wasting your funds, my time and inspiration and mistakenly, your child’s sense of belief in their own abilities.

select your Lesson Length  & Package:                                                                                                                                   40 lessons = full year,  20 lessons = 1/2 year,  10 lessons = 1 term

30 Minutes Lesson packs :
40 lessons
 $1520/yr save 200! 38ea
20 lessons
       $820          $1640/yr      save 80     41ea  
10 lessons $430 1720/yr  43ea
Single lesson
45 Minutes Lesson packs :
40 lessons
   $2280/yr     save 240! 57ea
20 lessons
     $1200      2400/yr save 120 60ea
10 lessons
      $630        2520/yr 63ea
Single lesson
60 Minutes Lesson packs :
40 lessons
   $2960/yr    save 320 74ea
20 lessons
$1560 3120/yr save 160   78ea
10 lessons
      $820        3280/yr  82ea
Single lesson
75 Minutes Lesson packs :
40 lessons
      $3560      (save 400) 89ea
20 lessons
      $1880      (save 200)   94ea
10 lessons
      $990        (3960/yr) 99ea
Single lesson
90 Minutes Lesson packs :
40 lessons
      $432o      (save 480) 108ea
20 lessons
      $2280      (save 240)   114ea
10 lessons
      $1200        (4800/yr) 120ea
Single lesson


How could it be acceptable to teach only 3(!) pieces of music a whole school year?

How could it be acceptable to teach only 3(!) pieces of music a whole school year?

I don’t seem t have a choice but to put some experience-based feedback out, so you can make an informed decision when you are starting to shop around for the right music teacher.. To only teach 3 pieces of piano music a year to a child, because that is the requirement for exam preparation is wrong on so many levels! Please, share your feedback if you had any experience with this topic. Thank You!

read more

Your first appointment is complimentary

Before I begin with any new students, I like to be sure that we are a good fit and get to know the student a little bit – understand where they’re at, what they’re hoping to achieve, etc. This 30 minute no-obligation meeting is complimentary, and also allows you to get a feel for how I work and decide if we are a good match. To book in for your first complimentary meeting, simply contact me below work out a mutually suitable “meet and greet” time. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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